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Firehouse Subs Franchise Agreement

Opublikowano: poniedziałek, wrz 20, 2021

Franchise Description: The franchisor is Firehouse of America, LLC. The franchise is intended for the creation and operation of a restaurant that offers and serves large portions of hot underwater sandwiches in a unique atmosphere of fire extinguishing and decency at a great price under the trade name and business system Firehouse Subs. As a leading company in the fast-casual sandwich industry, the demand for our unique specialties has paved the way across the United States. With our strong brand identity, exceptional franchisee relationships and passionate management team, Firehouse Subs is perfectly equipped for development with the right investor. Immediate possibilities for the development of individual units and surfaces. Training Overview: Franchisees and one other person (two of their owners when franchisees are a business unit) must also complete the initial training program to the satisfaction of the franchisee. The training program lasts about eight weeks. The first six to seven weeks of training will take place in one of the franchisee`s training restaurants or in another restaurant that the franchisee may designate from time to time. The final week of in-attendance training is currently being held at the franchisee`s headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. The franchisee may require franchisees to undergo periodic refresher training at the times and places designated by the franchisee.

– Current royalties: 6% – Ad Royalty Fee 3% – Financing: Firehouse Subs collaborates with third parties and offers financing to cover franchise fees, inventory and equipment. Situation As a franchise-based business, Firehouse Subs processes many documents, including franchise agreements, filing and enforcement agreements that require a quick and convenient signing process. The existing process was entirely manual and included printing franchise agreements, tabbing, where each signatory had to sign, sending to the recipient, calling to recommend to sign only the receipt page and not signing the franchise agreement until the expiry of the 7-day disclosure period, registering the document, checking if it was signed and concluded, if necessary, then transmit it for internal signatures. This was a very time-consuming and expensive process, mainly due to shipping requirements. Brothers Chris and Robin Sorensen were second-generation firefighters in Jacksonville, FL. To increase their income, the two brothers tried different business projects, according to an interview with Fortune. The Sorensen brothers briefly considered franchising with another sub-shop. After further speculation, these two decided to open their own sandwich shop inspired to give their own restaurant a unique firehouse torso.

For several years, the Sorensens collected information from other successful sub-stores. They inspected the most popular portion sizes, the different ingredients they used, and the different suppliers other franchises worked with. Gradually, these two developed their own business model and prioritized affordable and hearty portions and meals. However, while they had an idea of their ideal menu, the two fought financially and fell back on their friends and family to make it easier to get started. With the right business plan and financial support to launch their restaurant, Chris and Robin Sorensen made good profits in their first month of operation. They continued to operate in a lean way and saved as much money as possible until the restaurant was profitable. Eventually, when their popularity grew, Firehouse Subs started with the franchise. Today, there are over 1,100 subs firehouse sites throughout the country….


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