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De Participation Agreement

Opublikowano: czwartek, wrz 16, 2021

1. Without prejudice to paragraph 3, the Swiss Confederation shall bear all costs related to its participation in EUCAP Sahel Mali. (3) The Swiss Confederation is responsible for responding to requests for participation in EUCAP Sahel Mali by or in respect of its staff. The Swiss Confederation is responsible for taking legal action against its staff in accordance with its laws and regulations, in particular legal or disciplinary measures. 5. The Swiss Confederation shall inform the Head of Mission in good time of any changes in its participation and contribution to the Mission Please complete the funding application on GA Futures. After completing the GA Futures application for assistance, your parents must sign the participation agreement. Next, your advisor must sign and add your approved course to the GA Futures participation agreement. A new participation agreement is required for each duration. To apply for the Dual Enrollment program, the following documents must be sent to the Augusta University Admissions Office. arose from the use of federal assets, provided that the assets were used in the course of the mission and unless there is gross negligence or wilful misconduct on the part of the personnel of the European Union Mission of the Swiss Confederation to use those assets. 3.

The Union shall exempt the Swiss Confederation from any financial contribution to the operational budget of EUCAP Sahel Mali. 2. Without prejudice to the status-of-mission agreement, the Swiss Confederation shall exercise jurisdiction over its personnel participating in EUCAP Sahel Mali. Send an email informing us that you (the student), your parents and your high school advisor have completed the online application for GA Futures. Once we have received this email, we will send you a non-payment code for the Augusta University Dual Enrollment Application. . Students take middle school classes rather than high school classes and earn both high school and college credits. This program is aimed at students who have an academic acceleration. *SAT refers to sat before March 2016. SAT tests performed after March 2016 are converted to the old SAT scale measured on a scale of 1600 with math and critical reading values.

The correspondence between the old and the new SAT is based on a comparison of the new mathematical section with the old mathematical section and the new reading result with the old critical reading result. New concordance tables Reference 2. The Swiss Confederation`s contribution to EUCAP Sahel Mali does not affect the Union`s decision-making autonomy. The Union shall inform the Swiss Confederation in good time of any modification or modification of the mission, and in particular of the documents referred to in paragraph 3. Member States of the European Union applying Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/76 of 19 January 2015 opening the European Union CSDP Mission in Mali (EUCAP Sahel Mali) and amending Decision 2014/219/CFSP; endeavour, to the extent permitted by their domestic legal systems, to waive as far as possible claims against the Swiss Confederation for breach, death of its staff or damage or loss of assets held by EUCAP Sahel Mali, if such breach, death, injury or loss is committed: 9. .


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