Sample Mutual Aid Agreement

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35 that the parties to this agreement have entered into other aid and support agreements, these parties agree that, to the extent that a request for assistance and assistance is made under this agreement, these other assistance and support agreements will be replaced by this agreement. Section XI DATE EFFECTIVE This agreement enters into force after its implementation by both parties. Excerpt from the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5200-31C, Appendix 7 Example 2″Between the airport traffic control tower and airport tower ANYTOWN AIRPORT TRAFFIC CONTROL TOWER AND ANYTOWN MUNICIPAL AIRPORT LETTER OF ACCORD EFFECTIVE: (Date: AIRPORT EMERGENCY SERVICE PURPOSE. The purpose of this agreement is to impose procedures to be applied in the event of an emergency, actual or potential emergency at Anytown Airport during the operating hours of Anytown Airport. 1. CANCELLATION. Anytown Airport Traffic Control Tower and Anytown Municipal Airport Agreement Letter of Agreement with the date 2. SCOPE. In the event of a plane crash, bomb alert or any other real or potential emergency at Anytown Municipal Airport, anytown Airport Control Tower (ATCT) staff will alert emergency equipment if any of the following measures are required: a. A specialist on duty in the premises. B. The pilot of the aircraft in question. c.

The operator of the aircraft or its representative. d. A representative of the airport administration. The airport is automatically closed if: a. Off-airport fire equipment responds to any emergency requiring travel to the designated area of movement. B. any aircraft accident or incident or other emergency that occurs at the airport to which emergency and firefighting equipment responds or near the airport. NOTE: The airport operator should include additional closure criteria for the airport in this section. The airport will remain closed until staff have received permission from the airport manager or designated representative to open complete parts or areas of the airport. In the event of a minor incident, a telephone authorization is authorized. The nature and quantity of equipment and the number of personnel responding to the emergency are determined by the incident commander.

Once the emergency notification is received, the personnel using the equipment are responsible for emergency management. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES. a. Airport Traffic Control Tower (ATCT): Anytown Airport Traffic Control Tower staff are responsible for: (1) alerting emergency response forces in accordance with the procedures set for: a) each of the three types of alert classifications listed in paragraphs 4.a.a.1.,1) (a) to C) below. b) any other emergency, real or potential, brought to the attention of the control tower. Staff. (2) Test the Crash Phone system every day around 0900.

Problems are immediately reported to the airport operator or designated agent. (3) assist the airport operator in developing the necessary contingency plans and procedures. 32 ANNEXE C-Models and Standard Mutual Assistance Agreements under the FEMA 1-Generic Template for Mutual Aid Agreement Mutual Aid Agreement Sample Template (This document is a model that should serve as a guide for the development of Mutual Aid Agreement and is not intended to present a binding format or include any potential contractual clause. It serves only as a guide and requires a seam to meet the specific circumstances and requirements of each municipality.) Intrastate MUTUAL AID AND ASSISTANCE AGREEMENT FOR DISASTERS AND OTHER RELATED EMERGENCIES WHEREAS, the safety of citizens of the XXXX state is of the utmost importance for all levels of public and local authorities; CONSIDERING that the jurisdiction of XXXX is attempting to enter into an agreement for mutual assistance and assistance to ensure the sharing of resources, personnel and equipment in the event of a local disaster or other emergency; CONSIDERING that the State XXXX and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have recognized the importance of the concept of written mutual assistance agreements between all levels of power to facilitate reimbursement; and considering that, in accordance with the State Constitution of XXXX, municipalities have entered into mutual assistance and support agreements


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