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Pega Agreement

Opublikowano: poniedziałek, gru 14, 2020

An agreement at the stage service level crushes a flow service level agreement, provided an agreement is reached. Online services may allow you to download Pegasystems software products in certain areas, provided you have entered into a separate online software license agreement or in some other way, under which you have obtained a license for these software products from Pegasystems. Your license and the use and rights and responsibilities of software downloaded from online services are subject to the terms and conditions of this separate agreement and not to these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use apply to your access and use of websites, applications and other online services operated by Pegasystems Inc. („Pegasystems,” „our” or „we” or „we”), including, but not limited to,,, and that integrate or integrate them and constitute a legal agreement between you and Pega. Your access to online services and the information and materials available through online services are subject to these Terms of Use, whether you have online services related to the names or contact information of your employees or other end-users („Account”). By accessing or using online services, you recognize that you understand and accept these terms of use and that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using online services. If you do not understand these terms of use or do not agree not to be bound by these Terms of Use, you do not access any of the online services, use or create an account. Some areas of online services may contain formal and informal documents on Pega products and documents produced by third parties. All Pegasystems guarantees regarding the compliance of their products with the specifications and documentation contained in your software license agreement are valid only for the documentation provided to you in relation to the product. In case of a conflict between the formal documents on online services and the formal documents made available to you with your product, the product has all the time.

I think the link you shared above is for the pega Cloud subscription. I wanted to check if my organization was going to buy the license of pega enterprise edition, if it would have the power to sell all the products built on this basis to other suppliers? If you have any questions about this privacy policy or our use of your service information, please contact Our address is Pegasystems Inc., One Rogers Street, Cambridge, MA 02142 Attn: Chief Compliance Officer.


Witamy na oficjalnej stronie WOPR Bydgoszcz. Znajdziesz u nas informacje dotyczące szkoleń, regat, akcji ratunkowych oraz pokaźną galerię. W razie pytań zgłoś się do nas - niezbędne informacje znajdziesz w dziale KONTAKT
Nie możemy wyświetlić tej galerii.


Działalność Rejonowego WOPR w Bydgoszczy jest finansowana przez:

- Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej w Warszawie


- współfinansowana przez Wojewodę Kujawsko-Pomorskiego

godło polski

- Miasto Bydgoszcz

miasto bydgoszcz

- działalność Drużyny WOPR Nr 100 jest współfinansowana przez Urząd Miasta i Gminy Solec Kujawski


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