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Article Xxi Of The General Agreement On Tariffs And Trade (Gatt)

Opublikowano: czwartek, grudzień 3, 2020

8. The contracting parties acknowledge that the parties that fall within the scope of paragraph 4, point (a), of this article, generally present balance-of-payments difficulties as part of a rapid development process, mainly as a result of efforts to expand their domestic markets and the instability of their terms of trade. 13. Where a contracting party in paragraph 4, point (a), this article finds that state assistance is necessary to encourage the creation of a particular industry in order to improve the general standard of living of its population, but that no measure compatible with the other provisions of this agreement is applicable to achieve this objective, it may resort to the provisions and procedures of this section. , contractING PARTIES immediately examine the issue and make their views known to parties who are primarily concerned with the purpose of an agreement. When an agreement is reached, the provisions of paragraph 3, point b) apply as if an agreement had been reached between the parties most concerned. If there is no agreement between the parties that are primarily concerned, the applicant contracting party is free to amend or withdraw the concession, unless contractING PARTIES find that the applicant has not improperly provided adequate compensation. If such a measure is taken, each contracting party with which the concession was originally negotiated is: , any contracting party designated in accordance with paragraph 4, point a), to have a principal interest in supply and any party designated in accordance with paragraph 4, point a), has a substantial interest, no later than six months at the discretion of these measures , at the end of a period of thirty days from the date on which the contracting parties arrive in writing in a written notification of the revocation, equivalent substantial concessions, to amend or withdraw the contracts initially negotiated with the candidate party. 2. In the context of such negotiations and agreements, which may provide for a compensatory adjustment for other products, the parties concerned strive to maintain, prior to these negotiations, a general level of reciprocal and mutually beneficial concessions, which are no less trade-friendly than this agreement provides. 11. In view of the exceptional circumstances arising from the creation of India and Pakistan as independent states and the fact that they have long been an economic entity, the parties agree that the provisions of this agreement do not prevent the two countries from concluding specific agreements on trade between them until their mutual trade relations are definitively established. a limited range of primary products, the conditions for access to these products that are more favourable and acceptable as possible for access to global markets and, where appropriate, to develop measures to stabilize and improve global market conditions for these products, including measures to achieve a stable, fair and profitable price, allowing for expansion of global trade and global demand and dynamic and steady revenue growth.

exports of these countries provide them with increasing resources for their economic development.


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