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Opublikowano: piątek, Lis 27, 2020

Among the three types of MAA (financial agreements, P4P and CED), trade agreements are common in all industrial sectors. As a result, it is likely that they will continue to live in the pharmaceutical sector. The AuthorsProf Mondher Toumer (left) holds a chair in market access at the University of Lyon and Morgane Michel has its headquarters in the field of public health, University of Paris V. Information refund if no contract is signed. The access contract should require the buyer to return all non-public information about the property to the seller if the parties do not sign a contract. You compensate and maintain damages to Primary Insight and our directors, executives, agents, agents, agents, sellers, licensees and representatives, from and against all claims, actions, proceedings, obligations, penalties, losses, debts, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable fees and professional expenses) arising directly or indirectly from (i) of your breach of agreements, assurances and guarantees in this agreement, (ii) your access and/or use of the website and/or its contents, (iii) your access and/or use of the website and/or its contents in violation of our rights or rights of third parties, including copyright, patents, trade secrets, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights , as well as the rights to advertise and protect data, (iv) your access and/or use of the website and/or its contents in violation of applicable laws, rules or regulations or (v) your failure to respect the security and confidentiality of your user codes in accordance with this Agreement. Primary Insight and our directors, executives, employees, controllers, sellers, licensees and agents are not liable for losses caused directly or indirectly by our non-performance as a result of events beyond our control, including natural disasters, acts of God, war, terrorist acts, terrorist acts or decrees of government agencies, exchange or market decisions, failure of lines of communication or power systems, failure of devices and systems, unauthorized access and theft (a „force”). All of our obligations regarding the elements that have been fulfilled under this agreement are suspended for the duration of such a force majeure event. Resources must establish data access agreements that define appropriate use and access to covered data, as well as procedures for granting authorization for exemptions from restrictions.

When my employment ends at university or my professional responsibility no longer requires access to the data or the extent of the required access changes, I have a shared responsibility with the Data Proprietor to ensure that my access to the system is properly revoked or changed. If my access is not changed in time, they will notify the data owner. This is why the term „market access agreement” (AAA) is more appropriate. This name explicitly refers to an agreement between two or more parties that together define the conditions under which a product has access to the market. It is imperative that the name correspond to the practice described, as the careless use of the terms can be very confusing. Manufacturers focus on two important themes; optimize international benchmark prices and access the market. Indeed, in some countries, MAA has become a transition that forces new innovative drugs to reach the market, because payers believe that payment is the right way to succeed.


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